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Configuring Teleport API
Region settings
A/B testing
This tool can help you remove Admitad from the redirection journey from your ad space to the advertiser. It will help avoid cases where browsers and extensions wrongfully impose blockings and assist in preparing to the amendments to the Privacy Policy. You can read more about the benefits and features on the Admitad Teleport main page.

The tool is intended for the platforms where the affiliate link is not specified as a link in website content but only exists as part of the redirection. Here's how it works:
Indicate the Admitad affiliate links you want to transform. Link example:
Apart from, all Admitad's tracking domains are supported, except for link shorteners (e.g. or

Replace /g/ with /tpt/:;
Add country_code for programs with special settings for countries
(see the Region settings section):;
If necessary, add your SubIDs to the link:;
To measure performance, add A/B testing markers (see the A/B testing section):;
Instead of redirecting for this link, send a request from your server: Admitad will return a JSON array with a link to the advertiser:
Instead of redirect_url, you will get a link like Extract this link from the array and lead the user through it.
In some Admitad programs, the user region is what defines the publisher reward or the advertiser's final URL.
As a request to Admitad via Teleport API comes from the publisher server, Admitad cannot identify the region. Identify the user region using mapping services like MaxMind and send the two-letter country_code per ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 in the request to Admitad:
Such a country_code will have a higher priority than the request sender's IP—and will allow defining the publisher reward accurately.  You may want to send country_code for all programs. If you cannot identify the user region, only use no-region-settings programs in Teleport API (see the Errors section).
Region settings
Program not supported
If an ad space hasn't joined the affiliate program, the reply will contain the address of the dummy page:


We recommend leading the user through a dummy link but responding to such transitions through the Broken links report (also available via API): redirect traffic to programs that your ad space is connected to.
Region settings
If an affiliate program has unique region settings, after you send a request on it without country_code, you will get a reply "400" and a message {"error": "country_code is mandatory"}: add the two-letter GET parameter country_code and re-send the request. If you cannot add country_code, use the consequent redirection to the standard address (replace /tpt/ back with /g/):
Program not supported
Some programs temporarily do not support API solutions. The program catalog is always changing: a program may emerge in and disappear from the list of supported programs.

After sending a request for such programs, you will get a reply "403" with the following message:

{"error": "teleport API response is currently not being supported for affiliate program id {campaign_id}"}
Instead of {campaign_id}, the affiliate program ID will be indicated. If the error occurs, log it and lead the user through a regular affiliate link (replace /tpt/ back with /g/): Some time later, the program may be supported again: we recommend that you try again once in 2-4 weeks, because programs are getting enhanced to be compatible with Teleport API.
If you want to measure Teleport API performance, carry out an A/B test: set traffic redirection upon every click to either Option A (Teleport API) or Option B (legacy, consequent redirection), splitting choice 50 by 50.
For Option A, send a server request for Teleport API and add subid=tptA:
Then, extract the JSON reply and carry out the 302 redirection following the Teleport API rules (see the Installation section).

We recommend that you use SubID as most of the statistics sections are filtered for it. If the SubID you need is taken, you can use the parameters SubID1–SubID4. However, for them is only available in the By SubID report and when exporting the full statistics into an XLS file or through API for publishers
For Option B, carry out the 302 redirection to the affiliate network but add subid=tptB to the affiliate link:

If you have any questions regarding the tool, submit a ticket to the support desk or contact your personal manager.
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